Artemios Vavagiakis

Cursed from the start?

Artemios Vavagiakis was born in 1891. He was the youngest of Pavlos Vavagiakis’s 5 sons. From the start things seemed problematic. He won’t show up on a name search in Greece because his last name was misspelled as Βογιακης on the Paleochora, Crete registry. Like his brothers he was born in Βασιλακι Crete, north of Paleochora.

Artemios – 1891
Antonios – 1888
Charalambos – 1882
Damoulis – 1880
Ioannis – 1878


Artemios and his wife Eleni arrived in Ellis Island on June 18, 1920, travelling via the S.S. Themistocles.

S.S. Thermicloes 1920 (click for larger image)

According to the manifest he was going to be staying with his brother Antonio Vavagiakis in Akron, Ohio, and has previously been in the United States in 1915 and 1919.

A search of Ohio records found that he passed away on December 25, 1920, in Martins Ferry, Belmont County, Ohio.

Christmas day, 6 months after his arrival with his wife.

Artemios Death Certificate

His cause of death is listed as Pneumonia (I can’t make out what it says after Pneumonia) with diabetes as a contributing factor. Dr. R.H. Wilson? attended to him from December 18 until his death on the 25th. Could the Spanish Flu have been the cause?

Cause of Death

Manuel Marinakis of Fairport, Ohio gave the death certificate information. The certificate indicates that Artemios’ age was 35, however, he was 30, and while his father’s name is ‘Paul’, his mother’s name is ‘Don’t Know’. I wonder how well Manuel Marinakis knew Artemios.

Manuel Marinakis
Burial Information

Artemios was buried at Riverview Cemetery in Martin’s Ferry, Ohio on December 26, 1920. I cannot find any information on Eleni or his brother Antonio who he was going to stay with.